Sunday, March 17, 2013

In Honor of Saint Patrick

     Many people do not know the history of Saint Patrick, the story behind this great man, but to make a long story short, Saint Patrick is credited for spreading Christianity throughout Ireland.  When he was 16, he was captured and was forced to live as a Pagan and as a slave.  He escaped, returned to his family, became a Christian, and later returned to Ireland to preach Christianity.  Historians believe that he died on March 17th.

     Saint Patrick used the shamrock as a way to teach the Trinity.  People believed that the green shamrock stood for rebirth and eternal life.  So, while we are wearing green, and wishing each other to have the luck of the Irish, we are really celebrating how Christianity spread through Ireland....not much to do with luck.

     In honor, I made a cake, in the colors of the Irish flag: orange, green & white.  Here's how I did it.

(Yeah, I cheated a bit, but time was short.)


White box cake - mixed using egg whites instead of whole eggs.  Add 1 tsp of mint extract to the cake, and divide in half.  Color 1/2 the cake mix orange, and 1/2 green.

Layered cake batter.

 Using a tablespoon, (or 1/2 measuring cup) spoon each color on top of each other in the cake pan.  The spoonfuls of batter will spread out, covering the bottom of the pan.  

Tip:  Do not rush the layering.  Allow the cake time to spread to cover the pan, or you'll have once nice layer, and a very thin layer like I did.  It was my first time using this method, and, why not.  It was a perfect day to try the bi-color cake.

Bake cake according to instructions.

Finished cake.

 While the cake is cooling, mix up a butter cream icing but use a teaspoon of mint extract instead of vanilla.  You may want to try 1/2 teaspoon, and then add the flavor to your taste.  I didn't follow a recipe, and added too much milk, and created a glaze instead of an icing, but it was good anyway.

Layer, and ice the cake as normal.  When you cut into the cake, you get a really neat visual effect.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!  Erin Go Brach!

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