Sunday, May 19, 2013

Go to a Concert

So, here at Living Well, we scored free tickets to see Bon Jovi in Munich.  It was by far, the best concert that I've ever been too!

So, what's my advice to you:  Take advantage of free concerts provided by the Army.  You may or may not like the artist, but there is nothing like live music!  And who knows, you may even hear a song or two that you'll like.    

Every concert that I've been to I've gone to for free.  I've either been a guest, scored free tickets, or it was a USO tour (Toby Keith).

Now, if you haven't been as lucky as me, there are many places that you can score tickets for a fairly cheap price.  If we would have purchased the tickets, it would have been 67.50 Euro per seat, which isn't too bad.  You can check your USO or SATO or if you are in the states TicketMaster.  And if you are lucky, you can always try to win tickets from your radio station.  

The idea is, shop around for that performer that you really, really want to see, and then shop around for tickets.  Most performers list their tour dates and cities online, and you can plan in advance on who you want to see, and where you want to go to see them.  Unless you really want to pay for center stage, you get the same experience a few rows back, and sometimes an even better experience simply because you can see the entire stage.  

Once you have your tickets, plan your trip wisely.  Plan on the closest parking areas to be full within 2 hours or so before the show is due to start.  We arrived in Munich a little more than an hour before show time, drove around an hour before we eventually found parking.  Lucky us, the cover band didn't start until an hour later, and Bon Jovi came on an hour after that, so we still had two hours to spare.

Go to the bathroom as soon as you get there.  Believe me, when I say this, but the line to the women's restroom must have been a mile long.  To be prepared, bring along a to-go Charmin, and hand sanitizer.  Both these things I wish I had with me.  

If the venue allows, bring your own drinks and snacks.  I've found out that I could have brought snacks with me.  Also, bring a camera.  You'll want to remember this, especially if it's a dream concert.  And if budget allows, bring money for souvenirs.  My budget did not allow; however, I did do my own research the morning after, and I can purchase a 5 x 7 photograph taken by the band's personal photographer for only $10.  

The main thing to remember is: go and have fun.  Going to a concert is a fun experience.  You are there to have fun.  So, go, pick a performer that you want to see, save money, plan well in advance, and have a great time!  I know I did!

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