Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why I chose TeamBeachBody Products

Hello followers.  This is a very personal blog for me, one that I am now willing to share with all of you.

Some people that I know purposely make unhealthy choices, such as drink, smoke, use smokeless tobacco, eat primary junk food, refuse to exercise, etc.  I would often chat with my husband about these habits, and question: "Don't these people know what they are doing to their bodies?"  Well, the truth is, even though I don't have any obvious bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking, etc.) my bad habit was processed food.  I didn't realize it until the signs started adding up.  

When I was in Afghanistan just last year, I was diagnosed with Hypertension.  When I got out of Afghanistan, I weighed 154.  I did drop to 151 naturally, but it was hard.  I had a PT test coming up, and I did get down to 149 (my max weight for the Army) but how I did it was very unhealthy.  I was taking diuretics to make weight!  Not good.  Then, I kind of blew off the weight until I about three months ago.  My weight started having a yo-yo effect, except it was creeping higher.  Every Tuesday I weigh myself, and where some weeks were good, (I'd be down 2 pounds or so.) most weeks weren't.  151, 153, 155, 153, 157, 156, 158, 159, 161, 159, and so on.  

Well, my husband already did Insanity, and it worked for him, and I thought that because of a permanent injury (that I got from the Army) that I couldn't do it.  Well, I was wrong.  Until I injured my ankle a week ago, I had already completed month one, and had just started month two.  My energy levels went up.  My abs, calves, and arms were becoming defined.  And I wanted to work out.  My fitness me was born!

Now, things that I've tried in the past that didn't work:

1) Counting Calories - I ate what I wanted, just smaller portions.  Not for me because I was still consuming bad foods.

2) Wii U Fitness Evolved - While fun, I spent more time choosing programs to do rather than exercising.  I'd burn 100-120 calories an hour.  I needed more than that.

3) Riding my bike to work:  While this is a great idea, at the time it took me 7-10 minutes to get to work.  With it being really rainy this year, the bike made it to work only 1 week this year.  Not very effective.

So, on my l-o-n-g hard road to a better, more fit me, not only am I sticking with TeamBeachBody products, I'm also cutting processed foods.  Eating more whole foods.  With the exception of pasta, coffee, baking goods, and spices, I primarily stick to the outside aisles of the grocery store.  I'm slowly learning new recipes that are healthy, tasteful, and budget friendly, that I can make with foods that I purchase on the outside aisles.

Now that you know my story, you need to know that you can make the change too.  You can change your habits to become the new, more fit you.  YOU are NOT too late to change, nor too busy.  I'm an active duty Soldier, a college student, a mom of 4 boys, and a wife.  I still have time to travel, study, hang with the kids, and get everything done that I want to do in the day.  If I can change, you can to!

If you are serious about getting fit, becoming the best, fit you, check out my pages.

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And, as a bonus, if you have tried any of the Beachbody products, and want to make yourself a little extra money, ask me how.  I can help get you started.

As always, Live Well!

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