Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why Pay for the Program? Why Not?

Wow, so the month of January is half over.  So many people are taking advantage of a free 30 day gym membership, free Weight Watcher's for 30 days, etc.  Once those 30 days are up, those gyms and other weight loss programs want money to continue in their program. Once you sign up for their program, you pay a monthly fee of $18.95 (Weight Watchers) or more ($79.95/mth for Golds Gym), and you get access for their programs, or to use their workout equipment.  On top of that, if you want a personal trainer or nutritionist, you have to pay extra.   

So, the question that I have to ask is this: why would you pay that monthly fee, or pay for fitness equipment at all if you can get it for free?  For free you ask?  Yes, for free, but is it legal?  Just in the past three days, I had a friend admit that they just purchased a bootleg copy of Focus T25 for $25, and another friend asked me if I had it on digits.  After feeling disgusted that my friends would do this, I thought that what they were doing is illegal.  Copyright infringement is a very expensive crime.  Whether you download music, movies, or any other copyright material, you can be charged a minimum of $750 for each item that you illegally download.  That $20 workout program that you downloaded for free doesn't look too good now, does it?

So, why not do the honest, legal thing, and purchase your Beachbody program.  You not only save money from purchasing a gym membership, nutritionist and personal trainer, but you can get all three from $19.95-119.95, depending on the program.  Also, depending on the program, they come with everything that you need to get started.  I own four programs, have gotten awesome results, and haven't bought anything extra.  You get a DVD workout program that you can use over and over again, a nutrition guide, and a free 30 day membership to all the support of the Beachbody community.  (Once the 30 days expire, your membership is only $2.99/wk.)  Additionally, studies show that if you invest money into a program, you are more committed because you don't want to feel that you are wasting your money.  

So, for a variety of programs to choose from, visit my website to take a look at any program for any budget.  You can get anything from Hip Hop Abs ($19.95) to Focus T25 ($119.95), or the newest addition to the P90X family, P90X3 ($119.95).  If you have questions about any program, contact me.  I am here to help you, and I want to help you get and stay fit.

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