Saturday, July 27, 2013

Three Weeks Complete!

Ok, so I've completed 3 weeks of TurboFire and 2 weeks of Shakeology, and I've seen results. Great results!

The other day, my husband put his hands around my waist and was impressed of how solid my waist felt.

I have pajama pants that I haven't worn in awhile because they were too tight, and now they fit just right.

The bloaty feeling that I had because I wasn't regular, well, that's gone.  What I thought was normal for me, really isn't apparently, and I didn't know any difference.  Now, I'm going to the bathroom more frequently, and I feel better because of it.

My tastebuds have changed. Sweets taste weird to me, and I don't crave them.  I'm not saying that I don't like them, because I do.  I don't feel that I 'need' them like I did before, and when it's a special occasion, I do enjoy, I just don't indulge.

I sleep better.  I actually feel rested when I wake up.  

And, TurboFire is addicting!  I look forward to my next workout.  I've never done that before.  I surely don't look forward to PT with the Army, never have.  I enjoy working out in my home.  I enjoy seeing the results.  I am enjoying this new lifestyle of getting healthy and fit.

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