Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Good Evening Readers!

All too often I hear many excuses for not working out, and I'm here to tell ya, there are NONE.  Nope, none what so ever.  In the last 36 hours, I had 24 hour duty, and I worked out not once, but twice.  Well, most people wouldn't think that is such a big deal, BUT, and here's the kicker.....we are in the middle of a trans-atlantic move.  Yep, it's that time again, and there is SO much planning going on.  Yesterday, we packed our 90 day suitcases, our necessary electronics and important papers that we need to hand carry.  Today, after my 24 hour duty, the movers came, and we had to supervise the packing.  

So, what did I do today to work out?  I set my computer up on top of my already packed TV, put my TurboFire DVD in, and pushed play.  Yep, absolutely NO EXCUSES.  


So, what do I want you to do?  First, you need to like my FB page so that you'll know what events are coming up, what's on sale, as well as get motivation that you need in order to get healthy.  Second, you need to visit my Team Beach Body Page so you can order a TurboFire Challenge Pack.  They are on sale for the entire month of August.  With the savings, and the 30 day money back guarantee, you can't go wrong.

TurboFire is a high intense, kickboxing workout that'll keep you motivated while kicking your butt.  You'll look forward to the workouts because they are SO much fun, and the music will keep you pumped!

I want you to be fit!  Why?  Well, because you'll feel better.  Not only physically, but your mood will improve.  You'll crave less junk food, and make wiser food choices because you won't want to undo all your progress from working out.  AND, you'll look better.  Now, who doesn't want to look better?

So, what are you going to do?  You are gonna like my FB page, visit my website, and choose a program (if not TurboFire) that'll get you where you want to be.  And I, I will be here to motivate you EVERY step of the way.  That is my promise to you!

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